"You'll only be a stranger once!"® - Roann, Indiana

The Covered Bridge Speaks…Again

Dear Friends,


It has been quite a few years since I last wrote to you.  I think of each of you often and remember all the good times we have shared in the past. I know probably many of you are tired of hearing about my thoughts, memories and ramblings but just recently I heard rumors once again about the Roann Covered Bridge Festival that will take place September 8-11 2011.  Roann, Indiana my favorite little town is where you will want to be on those dates.  As most of you know by now the festival is named after me.  What a thrill that gives me, it makes me feel like I am really SPECIAL.


I am always so excited to hear that the annual festival is being planned.  There have been many people take charge of the activities over the years, they all do an excellent job.  I know it is a lot of hard work for many people then too I€™ve heard that it is a €˜thankless€™ job.


But, always remember you make me the happiest covered bridge in Indiana when the festivities begin.  I love to hear the laughter of the children as their voice travel down through the air from the little town above me.


I know every year the older folks enjoy sitting around and talking with old and new friends they meet on the streets of Roann.  You know I look forward to the times when people decide to wander down and walk through the old bridge, (that€™s me) I can hear them talking about things they remember about the past.


Every year the ones in charge come up with new ideas to make the festival enjoyable for young and old alike.  I can€™t wait until I hear what exciting things will be going on this year.


This year as in the past several years the old Stockdale Roller Mill has a BIG part in the festival too.  The mills doors are open wide for Guided Tours since it has been restored.  There you can capture a feeling of a bygone era.


Come join the friendly people of Roann and take a few minutes to walk back in time as you reflect on a slower pace of history.


Hope you come to visit me in my friendly little town.  Remember My Life is still the hands and hearts of those who treasure me, Past€“ Present€“ Future.


                                                                                                      Affectionately Yours,

                                                                                                      The Roann Covered Bridge



                                                                                                      Laura B. Shaw