"You'll only be a stranger once!"® - Roann, Indiana

Abshire Cabin



The Civil War was raging in 1863. Abraham Lincoln was president and Indiana was coming into its own.

It was in this year that Alexander and Susanna (Swihart) Abshire set up house-keeping north of Roann, close to the Eel River near the intersections of present county roads 800N and 600W.

The ground they lived and built on was purchased by Abraham Abshire in 1837 and was passed through generations until finally in 1966 the heirs of Jesse and George Abshire, brothers, noting that the cabin had long been abandoned and in a sad state of disrepair, but recognizing that is was a part of the history of the area, gave it to the town of Roann.

The cabin was marked and moved log by log through the combined efforts of volunteers and interested people in the area, to its present location in the town park as part on Indiana’s Sesquicentennial celebration in 1966.

Today it stands as a tribute to the hard-working pioneers who settled this area.